Clinton Community Art Project

Calling All Local Artists!

The Clinton Inn is looking for local artists that would like to participate in an ongoing working art gallery in our restaurant. Have your artwork displayed in our facility and viewed by thousands of diners in our restaurant and/or coffeehouse throughout the year.

How it Works

  1. Be an artist. Have some artwork you want to display.
  2. Set an appointment with us or come to the Clinton Inn during an open session that has been announced.
  3. Bring 5-6 wall ready pieces in and we will review and discuss with you.
  4. If we accept your artwork, we will determine a location to hang them. We prefer that you assist with this to ensure they are hung to your satisfaction.
  5. If a customer wants to buy your art, we will collect the payment on your behalf.
  6. You are welcome to bring new artwork in or rotate your pieces occasionally.

How Artists Benefit

Get your artwork in front of a new audience with a wide demographic of local and out of town customers. Price and sell your art for zero commission or fees. We provide this service for free to you. Thousands of people dine at our restaurant or visit our coffeehouse every year, so your work will be exposed to a large audience.

Important Artist Info

We will accept art from both professional and amateur artists. Artists must be local to Michigan. We don’t have any specific theme in mind, and we will consider including all pieces. Of course, anything unique and original will likely stand out and catch more people’s interest, so plan accordingly. We prefer vibrant and colorful pieces.

If your artwork is featured in our facility, please provide a 3×5 framed photo of yourself with a brief biography of yourself. Please include your contact information so people may reach you to discuss your art.

To have your artwork considered for our gallery, fill out our contact form with details of your artwork. Alternatively, you can email photos of your artwork to us at We will coordinate a time to meet and set up your art.

We will arrange for displays BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We will not be able to accept walk-ins due to our scheduling constraints and demands inside the restaurant. We may occasionally announce an open day where you may bring artwork during a certain time period.

NOTE: If you have emailed us, please check your SPAM folder if you do not hear back from us.

Artwork Criteria

In order to maintain order and consistency with this project, we have set the following guidelines for all artwork that is featured:

  • While we will consider all artwork, we prefer art that is more vibrant and colorful.
  • We accept photography, painting, and other types of artwork that can be put onto a frame and hung on a wall.
  • All artwork must be framed or on canvas and ready to hang on the wall.
  • Artwork must be marked with the name of the piece, the artist’s name, and price.
  • All artists must be local to Michigan.
  • Artwork may only be displayed in the Clinton Coffeehouse if it fits with our desired coffeehouse vibe.

Prohibited Content

While we want artists to be free to express their creativity, we also need to ensure that all of our customers feel comfortable dining in our facility with any artwork that is present. Therefore, we will reject the following styles of art:

  • Anything that is a controversial or sensitive subject matter.
  • Anything religious or political.
  • Anything too dark or demonic or otherwise not family-friendly.¬†
  • The Clinton Inn reserves the right to reject any artwork for any reason.

Important Details

  1. We make no guarantees whatsoever that your artwork will sell.
  2. This entire policy and criteria is subject to change at any time.
  3. We are not responsible and shall not be liable in the event of damage, theft, or loss.

Frequent Questions

How long may my artwork remain up?

This is an ongoing project. At this time we are not setting a time limit. However, we would prefer that you rotate your artwork periodically.

How much commission does the Clinton Inn charge to sell my art?

We do not charge a commission. We are providing this service free of charge.

Full Terms and Conditions

Displaying your artwork at the Clinton Inn is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Your Artwork must include: 1) Your Name 2) Your asking price 3) Name of the Piece.
  2. Artwork must be ready to hang, meaning in a frame or on a canvas that is meant to be hung.
  3. Family-friendly. No Religion or Politics. Nothing dark or demonic. No controversial social issues that cause division and hate.
  4. We will consider all art but make the final decision as to whether it will be allowed or not.
  5. Artwork can be photography or any type of painted materials but must be able to hang on the wall.
  6. We reserve the right to change or remove any pieces from the display or rotate out artwork over time.
  7. Please provide a separate 3×5″ framed photo with a brief “paragraph” biography of the artist. We will hang it with the artist’s work. Include your contact info so that people may contact you if they’re interested in more of your work.
  8. We will accept art from both professional and amateur artists. Artists must be local to Michigan.
  9. We will not charge any commission for displaying and selling your art. This is a service to the artist and the community, as well as a way to provide an upbeat and modern decor in our restaurant.
  10. We will allow 5-6 pieces per artist, or depending on the size of the pieces, whatever may fit in each section of the wall. You are free to change out artwork if you’d like (by appointment). Again, depending on the number of artists, we may have to adjust this policy.
  11. Any rearranging or moving of the artwork is at the discretion of the ownership and management of the Clinton Inn.
  12. Artwork Price: Your asking price is what we will sell it for, we aren’t here to negotiate pricing. We won’t question your price, so please price accordingly. We’ll handle the payment and get the money to you, and that is all.
  13. We make no guarantees whatsoever that your artwork will sell.
  14. Sales tax: We will not be collecting or managing sales tax for your work. We assume you are including the cost of sales tax in your selling price. Sales tax shall be your responsibility.
  15. We don’t have any dimensional requirements, however we’d suggest not too large or too small.
  16. We are not responsible and shall not be liable in the event of damage, theft, or loss.
  17. This entire policy and criteria is subject to change at any time.

Art Sample Submission

Submit your contact information and up to 4 samples of your work for consideration in our gallery.