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Event Details

Theme & Format
James Bond 007 Inspired Cocktail Party and Cosplay Event

Date And Time
Sat, Oct 16, 2021, 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM

The Clinton Inn
104 West Michigan Ave
Clinton, MI 49236

Dress Code
Required and Enforced. Review details below.

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Buy Online: $125 per couple; $90 Single
At the Door: $150 per couple; $100 Single

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James Bond 007 Inspired Cocktail Party and Cosplay Event

You are cordially invited to attend a royal affair in honor of the new James Bond file “No Time To Die”. Our guests will be treated to an assortment of Bond style delights at this upscale event.

  • Hors d’oeuvres
  • Casino games
  • Door prizes
  • Bond themed cocktails available
  • Door prizes and costume contest
  • Live entertainment

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Dress Code

This event will be a “Jacket Required” or “Bond Film Cosplay” dress code and will be enforced. The following are considered acceptable attire:

  • Men: Dinner jacket or black-tie ensemble in the style worn in the James Bond films.
  • Women: Cocktail dress, in the style worn in many of the James Bond films.
  • Bond Movie Cosplay Attire. Any costume or attire worn by any character in any Bond Film.

Cosplay Event

Dress up in your best Bond style formal wear, or dress the style of one of your favorite characters. With 25 Bond movies spanning almost 60 years, the options are endless. Here are some ideas:

Character Categories

  • Your Favorite Bond Villain
  • Your favorite Bond Girl
  • Your Favorite Henchman or Goon
  • Your favorite Bond Actor
  • Your favorite MI6 Character
  • Your favorite supporting actor or actress

Character and Attire Ideas

Bond Attire and Costumes

Bond dressed in any attire from any movie, from tuxedo to dinner jacket, to casual or sporty, swimwear, sauna, or on the golf course.

  • The Onesie Sean Connery wore in the sauna in Goldfinger
  • Ruffled dress shirt and highland dress from OHMSS
  • Terrycloth camp shirt in Diamonds are Forever
  • Velour Tracksuit from a View to a Kill
  • Printed shirt in Casino Royale opening scene
  • Powder blue leisure suit from Live and Let Die
  • The La Perla blue swimming trunks from Casino Royale.
  • The clown suit or gorilla suit from Octopussy.
  • The wetsuit from Thunderball.

Bond Girl Attire and Costumes

There are so many great Bond Girl outfits to choose from. Some examples that would stun any audience:

  • Swimsuit worn by Honey Ryder in Dr. No
  • Swimsuit worn by Jinx in Die Another Day
  • Octopus robe worn by Octopussy in the film
  • Shorts and tanktop worn by Dr. Christmas in The World is Not Enough
  • Outfit worn by Solitaire in Live and Let Die
  • Dress and Necklace worn by Vesper Lind in Casino Royale
  • Body suits worn by the Flying Circus in Goldfinger
  • Pants and Jacket worn by Pussy Galore in Goldfinger
  • Sophie Marceau Red Lace Dress from The World is Not Enough
  • Lea Seydoux grey satin dress in Spectre
  • Army outfit worn by Rosa Klebb in From Russia With Love

Bonus Ideas

Watch “No Time To Die”, opening weekend on Oct 9th, then come dressed as any of the characters in this long awaited film release!

Other Film Character Ideas

Can’t think of what to wear? Choose from any of these most popular characters from the full spectrum of Bond Films, and dress to match!

  • Auric Goldfinger
  • Dr. No
  • Mr. White
  • Octopussy
  • Honey Ryder
  • Jynx
  • Francisco Scaramanga
  • Jaws
  • Max Zorin
  • Oddjob
  • Domino Derval
  • Money Penny
  • M
  • Q
  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld
  • General Orlov
  • Sheriff Pepper
  • Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint
  • Irma Bunt
  • Gobinda
  • Nick Nack
  • May Day
  • Pussy Galore
  • Boris Grishenko
  • Vesper Lynd
  • Xenia Onatopp
  • Dr. Christmas Jones
  • Camille Montes
  • Colonel Ourumov
  • Solitaire
  • Elektra King
  • Dominic Greene
  • Le Chiffre
  • Franz Sanchez
  • Hugo Drax
  • Elliot Carver
  • Mr. Big
  • Raoul Silva
  • Rosa Klebb
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About The Clinton Inn

The Clinton Inn is located in the Village of Clinton, Michigan just 20 miles west of Ann Arbor.  The Clinton Inn is a distinct and recognizable landmark located in the downtown Clinton business district, which is recognized by the National Register of Historic Places. It is located on the historic US 12, the main route for business and transportation between Chicago and Detroit in the early 1900’s. Clinton was established in 1829 by early settlers from From New York state, and named after their state governor, Dewitt Clinton. The current site of the Clinton Inn was first settled by Alpheius Kies, who built a small log house. After several changes in ownership, Alonzo Clark tore down the house and built the present 3-story brick hotel and officially opened it on Thanksgiving Day in 1901.

The hotel has three stories; the first floor features the full service restaurant, the Clinton Coffeehouse, and private event venue. The second floor is all guest rooms while the third has served as apartments since the 1980’s.

The hotel was purchased by the Huffaker Family in May 2019. The hotel was in a state of disrepair at the time of purchase, and numerous improvements have been made.  Currently 4 rooms are available for nightly rentals, and larger renovations are planned to bring the hotel back to it’s glory days.