Paranormal Activity Log

Since our purchase of the Clinton Inn on May 31, 2019, we’ve experienced some things that are quite interesting. We’ve also had conversations with other people than have experienced paranormal activities over the years. To this date, we continue to either get reports from people or experience things ourselves that aren’t quite normal. Here is a log of some of those experiences.

August 8, 2020 – John came in at 7AM to get ready for brunch. As he walked around the kitchen, he saw a man walk in behind him and disappear around the corner. No one else would have been in the restaurant at that time.

August 2, 2020 – After a busy Sunday Brunch, Marvin was taking a nap on the 2nd floor above the Clinton Coffeehouse in one of the vacant rooms. While in a deep slumber, he was awoken by a soft hand rubbing his right shoulder. This went on for several minutes until he was fully awake, but nobody was in the room. Of most interest is the eerie photo of a young woman hanging above the bed that is always watching you. It is rumored that this woman may be the spirit that resides at the Clinton Inn.

July 3, 2020 – In preparation for a busy Friday Night, Marvin Huffaker was in a makeshift office on the 2nd floor printing out menus for the night. In the room next to him, which was vacant, Marvin heard someone walking around on the old creaky floors, people talking, and someone opening/closing doors. The entire 2nd floor was vacant as there had been no guests for months due to Covid19 cancellations. Upon investigation, the room was completely empty and there was no trace of any other person anywhere on the second floor. At the exact same time, John and Jennifer were in the kitchen on the first floor, each on opposite sides of the kitchen. In the middle of the room by the food expo station, a stack of small bowls slid forcefully off of the counter and shattered onto the floor. Nobody was anywhere near the bowls at the time, but they both saw it happen.