Merchandise Available For Online Purchase

  • All Gift Certificates purchased online will be printed and mailed to the address you provide at the time of checkout.
  • All other items for sale (Coffee and Essential Items) must be picked up during our designated pickup window.
  • The current pickup window is Mondays between 4pm and 6pm. We may evaluate and adjust as needed.

PLEASE NOTE:  The supply chain for a restaurant and/or hotel is quite different than the supply chain for grocery stores. Many of our items are packaged in bulk and industrial size packing. Our cost is sometimes higher than the price you might pay for similar items at a grocery store. Also, most products don’t have fancy packaging or branding. The items we are offering are items that have become difficult if not impossible to purchase at a grocery store due to hoarding, purchase limits, or just unusually high demand.

BACKORDERS: If an item says it is out of stock, it means that all currently available in-stock quantities have already been purchased. However, on many of the products you are allowed to back-order. Please go ahead and place an order anyway, we will order our next shipment to meet the needs of all backorders. We will also make announcements on our Facebook page when we have new shipments.